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To promote early detection of brain aneurysms by providing knowledge and raising awareness of the signs, symptoms and risk factors. Work with the medical communities to provide support networks for patients and families, as well as to further research that will improve patient outcomes and save lives. The Brain Aneurysm Foundation is the globally recognized leader in brain aneurysm awareness, education, support, advocacy and research funding. Learn more about us

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  • Meet Research Grant Recipient: Louis Kim

    Louis Kim is a professor and vice-chair of neurological surgery at the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle,..

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  • Meet Research Grant Recipient: Steffan-Sebastian Bolz

    Steffen-Sebastian Bolz is a scientist, physician and entrepreneur. He is professor in the Department of Physiology and the Director of..

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  • Meet Research Grant Recipient: Naoki Kaneko

    Naoki Kaneko, M.D. graduated in 2004 from Tohoku University School of Medicine in Sendai, Japan. Since 2018 he has been..

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Support groups
  • Baltimore Brain Aneurysm Foundation Support Group

    Lutherville-Timonium, MD

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  • Bay Area Aneurysm and Vascular Malformation Support Group

    San Francisco, CA

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  • Beth Israel Deaconess Brain Aneurysm Support Group

    Boston, MA

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